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Labor Day Special – Owen Jones Combo

In honor of Labor Day we’re offering a special for all the hard working designers and art fans out there. We’re offering a special bonus of $20 off of any purchase from our collection of Owen Jones packages. It can be applied to any one item in the collection or to the new combo package which includes all of our packages based on Jones’ designs.

We currently have four Jones packages, The Grammar of Ornament ($99), Illustrated Initials from Early Manuscripts ($69), the illuminated Gray’s Elegy ($49) and the illuminated biblical verses of The Preacher ($49). Or the whole four package set is now available in a new combo package for just $149, already a considerable savings.

All of these packages include the eBook version of the source book, plus all of the illuminated pages and graphics in a high resolution format suitable for use in your own designs and licensed for your use. You can order then online from our ORDERING SITE, and when you do use the discount code OMNIAVINCET and you’ll get $20 off whatever you purchase.


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