Kharkov – A Ukrainian Constructivist Font







The Constructivist Movement in Russia spilled over to other areas an was an important branch of what we now consider Art Deco. It had a particular flowering in the Ukraine in the early 1930s before the region was brutally oppressed by Stalin in 1935. Evidence of the movement survives in photographs of constructivist influenced buildings and in printed materials of the period.

Kharkov is based on samples of type from a type specimen book published in the town of Kharkov in 1935.  It includes two versions of the alphabet in Latin characters rather than Cyrillic.  It isn’t the easiest to read but it’s very striking and stylized. It also includes a bunch of border elements in place of little used punctuation.

There is no demo version of Kharkov, but you can ORDER the full version online for only $29.

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