Katherine Cameron Ballads

We’ve got all these nice little books by late 19th century childrens book illustrator Katherine Cameron and aren’t really sure what to do with them, so every once in a while, as a bonus treat for our fans, we’re releasing little packages of her quaint illustrations through the website. A few months ago we released a set of her Celtic illustrations as a bonus in our 2009 Sampler. Now as an end-of-summer bonus we’re offering a free download of some of her illustrations to classic British ballads for children, like Tam Lin, Hynde Horn and Thomas the Rhymer.

Although the ballads are mostly from earlier eras, the illustrations have a particularly Victorian character to them in the costuming and look of the figures. It’s a charming little collection of eight period illustrations, with fairies, knights and fair ladies, and it’s yours free for browsing our site. The images are high resolution and licensed to use for non-commercial purposes. Just click to download: BALLADS. If you like the illustrations you might like some of our classic Victorian period fonts to go with them. Acadian, Beaumarchais and Damariscotta are particularly good representatives of type from the period.

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