Katherine Cameron King Arthur’s Knights

We’ve released several mini-packages of art by early 20th century illustrator Katherine Cameron, including her illustrated Ballads and Tanglewood Tales. Cameron is not terribly well known, but her illustrations have a romantic quality which is very appealing.

We’re now adding to our Cameron collection another set of illustrations from the Stories of King Arthur’s Knights. These were originally acquired to be part of our long-awaited Arthurian Fonts and Art Package, but while that is being completed, we’re making the eight-image set available at a special price of $5 as a mini-package. We’re also offering a special deal on all of our Cameron illustrations from the three mini-packages for $12 together. The images include classic Arthurian scenes like the Lilly Maid of Astalot, Percivasl, Sir Galahad and Lady Lionors.

You can see samples of the illustrations from the Arthurian Tales below and you can order the mini-package from our ONLINE STORE or get the CAMERON COMBO.

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4 comments on “Katherine Cameron King Arthur’s Knights

  1. Thank you for sharing Katherine Cameron’s work. As an Arthurian author and enthusiast, I am surprised I never heard of her before but her work is very charming.

    Tyler Tichelaar

  2. Terry

    I had not heard of this illustrator either, so thanks for sharing some of her work. It strikes me as falling somewhere between the styles of Arthur Rackham and N.C. Wyeth.

  3. Dave Nalle

    She was a contemporary of both Wyeth and Rackham. Her style is not as sophisticated as either, but it has a very appealing character to it. I’ll keep an eye out for more of her work.


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