J. M. Bergling Art Nouveau Fonts

Over the last few years we’ve developed a number of fonts based on the hand lettering of early 20th century calligrapher J. M. Bergling. A lot of his work fits into the Art Nouveau category and of the notable calligraphers of the period his work particularly stands out as influential in the development of Art Nouveau derived poster lettering of the psychedelic era of the 1960s.

When you look at Bergling’s designs it is impossible not to see that they are the direct antecedents of some of the most famous styles of the lettering on show posters from clubs like the Fillmore. Some of the fonts in our Psychedelic Fonts package show their influence like Hendrix and Pantagruel.

As we developed more fonts based on Bergling’s lettering it seemed inevitable that we should put together a package focusing just on his fonts, and the obvious first choice was his most typically art nouveau style designs. We had already released Belgravia and Boetia in 2008, and Belgravia was one of our featured fonts for the Font Club. That wasn’t enough fonts, so we moved two more up in our production schedule and in the last month they were completed and thus came the release of Beaumains and Bosphoros – we thought we’d stick with names starting with “B” for the series since Bergling starts with it.

So we gathered the four fonts together into a mini-collection and it’s now released and available so you can get the set at more than half off the price of buying the fonts individually. The package is only $49 and can be bought in our ONLINE STORE.

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