Irish Excursion Special: Big Celtic Fonts Discount

irish and celtic fonts specialDave Nalle, our noble founder, is in Ireland this week, traveling around, seeing the sights and even doing a little calligraphy research so he can write off the trip on his taxes.

While he’s away it seemed super appropriate to offer a special on our Celtic font and art packages, so we’re offering three discount codes depending on your level of interest. You can get $5 off any single Celtic font with the code IRISH05. You can get $10 off any single Celtic font and art package with the code IRISH10 and you can get $20 off of the full Celtic font and art combo, which is already discounted, with the code IRISH20.

To see all of our Irish and Celtic offerings, see our CELTIC FONTS AND ART collections page. It has links to all of the packages and you can find individual fonts in the store searching by name.

These discounts will be good through the end of the trip and he comes back on the 10th.


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