Interlude Font on Lucini Pasta Sauce Labels

While wandering through the gourmet section of the local grocery store I encountered a very high end brand of pasta sauce made by Lucini Italia which uses our Interlude font for the product names on the labels of many of their products. A pint jar of sauce runs about $10 from various online retailers and they have nine different flavors of sauce, including Rustic Tomato Basil and Hearty Artichoke. And in addition to jars of sauce they also sell smaller servings in a boilable bag at about half the price. They also carry a full line of related products like olive oil, vinegar and salad dressing. Some of the flavored olive oils are very pricey.

Our Interlude font is an excellent choice for this kind of marketing use, with its classical yet rustic look and striking visual appeal. I’ve been expecting to see it on wine bottles, which seemed like a natural fit, but fancy pasta sauce may be the next best thing.

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