Historic Borders Collection

One if the best inclusions in our phenomenal collection of images is a set of historic borders from the 15th through 19th centuries which exemplify the height of the art of decoration in printed books as it developed over that period.  These are all borders which were cut in wood or metal to be set with type and they demonstrate the complexity and diversity of designs during this period in which printing matured and became more sophisticated.

All of the borders and decorative emblems in this special collection were taken from printed books and they have been cleaned up and adapted for use in digital design.  They include designs from England and from continental Europe and from well known designers including Erhard Ratdolt, Will Ransom, Walter Teague, Walter Crane and William Morris.  If you need borders with historical character you need look no further.

The entire collection is just $59 and can be ordered from our ONLINE STORE and downloaded immediately.  You can click on any of the thumbnails below to see the corresponding border in larger size.  The borders in the collection are considerably larger and all in very high resolution, suitable for high quality printing.

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