Hesperides Font on TV in Sleepy Hollow

In Monday night’s episode of the new TV show Sleepy Hollow Ichabod Crane and Lt. Abbie Mills discover an antique manuscript authored by John Adams which is written in a secret code. Not only is it in code, but it is also written using our Hesperides font, an original font based on lettering from the late colonial period.

The plot of the episode is too complex to go into, but the show is fun and full of mystical mumbo jumbo, as well as amusing juxtapositions of old and new with the Crane character out of his time and struggling to deal with the modern world. It’s in this context that Hesperides shows up when they receive a scan of the coded manuscript and Crane reads it on a laptop (shown to the left) with amusing consequences.

It’s only on the screen for a couple of seconds, but it’s such a distinctive style that it caught my eye immediately. It just doesn’t look like anything else, even among other calligraphy fonts from the same period. You can see a sample of Hesperides to the left and get more information and even purchase it for yourself in our ONLINE STORE.

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