Hesperides at True Blue Tattoo

One of the trendy local tattoo parlors here in Austin is True Blue Tattoo. They have a large staff of tattoo artists who do some very nice body art, including several who specialize in cool designs with calavera themes. But what I found most exciting on a recent visit to their website was their decision to feature some of our fonts prominently on their site and their signage.

They use our Buccaneer font for the text on their front page, but what I found more exciting was the use of Hesperides for the titles throughout their website. I have always thought Hesperides was one of our coolest font designs, with its unusual character forms and historic calligraphic elements. Yet it has never been a terribly popular font, certainly not as popular as I think it deserves, so it’s nice to see someone else appreciating it and putting it to good use.

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