Heidelberg Archive of Jugend Magazine

One of the great expressions of the Art Nouveau movement was the magazine Munchner Jugend which became the focus of an entire movement of German art known as Jugenstil. Copies of Jugend are getting expensive and far behind, but in a recent search for something else I stumbled on an archive of scans of issues of Munchner Jugend from 1896 to 1895 available on the web from Heidelberg University.

The scans are of variable quality, but at high resolution. They were scanned more for reference than to preserve the art, but they do include every page of every issue, including advertisments. The problem is that even though they are scanned at a high quality resolution, many of the scans are distorted and discolored and little care was taken with making sure they were well placed or even flat on the scanning surface. There was also no effort to color correct or clean up the images. They make a great reference source, but would require a lot of work to make the images usable or up to the quality of those found in our Jugendstil Package of fonts and art.

Nonetheless it’s well worth checking out. The collection does not include earlier issues, and many of those in the first half of the 1890s included some excellent artwork. The quality of the magazine also declined considerably after the outbreak of World War I, so with a lot of material to look through, focus your browsing on the early 1900s and you’ll see some the best art without having to wade through too much junk.

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