Happy Birthday to CFA Voysey

rp_broadleymf.jpgLast week was the 159th anniversary of Arts and Crafts pioneer CFA Voysey. Voysey was an architect who worked on the principle of form following function and the idea that designers should engage in the entire process of decorating and furnishing a home, popularized contemporaneously by designers like William Morris and later by Frank Lloyd Wright.

voyseymfSome time ago we designed a font based on Voysey’s hand lettering on one of his fabric designs, but for some reason we never released it. However, we did release the Broadley font which is based on the lettering from his architectural drawings, particularly those for Broad Leys house which is the only Voysey house currently open to the public and even available to stay in as a B&B. They use a wretched, badly kerned font instead of our font on their page, but it’s at least period-appropriate.

We’re finally correcting our oversight and releasing our original Voysey font specially for Voysey’s birthday. It has a single upper case character set plus unique numbers and punctuation. It’s a simple design, but charming looking. We’re also including several textures based on Voysey textile designs with the font. You can purchase and download the package in our ONLINE STORE.

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