Halloween T-Shirt Designs

Over a period of five years, from 2002 to 2006 I contributed to the Halloween festival at my daughter’s school (St. Francis School in Austin, Texas) by designing custom t-shirts to promote the event. They weren’t the most sophisticated designs in the world, but were well suited to screen printing and hit on essential seasonal themes. They also make good use of our fonts and other design elements and might provide some inspiration for others working on Halloween design projects.

The 2002 t-shirt coincided with the release of our Ligeia and Halloweenies fonts. Ligeia is used for the lettering, while most of the design elements of the image on the shirt ended up incorporated into Halloweenies. This shirt also features Gehenna for the word “halloween” and Zothique for the date.

The 2003 t-shirt has original art, though the cat ended up in the Halloweenies font, plus it reuses Ligeia for the St. Francis logo and uses Black Cow which had just been released for the final line of text.

The 2004 t-shirt was different because it was printed in two lighter colors on a black shirt, while the others had been printed on light colored shirts with one or two colors of ink. It also branched out from being just a straight seasonal image to making a kind of lame attempt at a joke at a middle school level. The art is original, except for the one skull which is taken from our Posada art collection in the Macabre Fonts and Art collection. The fonts featured on this shirt are Malagua for the top lettering and Veronique (one of our Hammer Film title fonts) for the two lines at the bottom.

The 2005 shirt went with a kind of voodoo theme, with original art of a Guede choosing between the heads of Captain Ogu and Baron Samedi. Again it uses Ligeia for the school name, with Black Cow and Nevins Avant also featured.

In 2006 we went back to the look of the first two t-shirts, with the use of images from the Halloweenies font and with the titles in Ligeia and Gehenna again. It has a great traditional look.

Sadly, starting in 2007 the school decided to go with a blander more generic t-shirt design. I’ve always suspected that some of the more religious moms weren’t comfortable with my inclusion of themes from voodoo, paganism and witchcraft in the designs. But I’ve always seen Halloween as a fun celebration of superstition and a diversity of beliefs, so I don’t feel terribly guilty. I just need to find a new Halloween event to design t-shirts for.

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