Graffiti Tag Fonts Collection

The cutting edge of contemporary calligraphy is on the back alleys, traincars and abandoned buildings of the cities of the world in the form of graffiti. Graffiti has evolved beyond crude drawings and “Kilroy is here” to become a serious art form, both as images and as lettering.  There are numerous distinctive calligraphic styles, elaborative decorative letterijng and often associated street art.We have been working on fonts based on actual samples of graffiti lettering for several years, collecting thousands of photographs of lettering and expanding samples into full alphabets. Our greatest resource in this has been watching trains with great lettering on them from all over America.  We are releasing these fonts in two collections. The first is our Graffiti Tag fonts, based on the alphabets used for signatures and simple graffiti statements.The second package will include the bold and outline fonts used for more decorative and dramatic graffiti.
The Graffiti Tag Fonts collection includes 10 complete typefaces and many of the fonts have multiple weights and variants. They are all dramatic and interesting and while some are complex they are mostly pretty readable. They are definitely great for giving your designs an authentic contemporary “street” look.The Graffiti Tag Fonts Package is $59 and you can ORDER IT ONLINEand get it immediately.

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