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Gothic Fonts Collection

Our gothic font collection is a compilation of our most interesting fonts based on gothic type and late medieval calligraphy. It covers the range from the historical styles in which gothic printing had its inspiration to the ornate heights of complex gothic fonts from 19th century Germany. This includes fonts in the style sometimes called ‘Old English’, as well as what calligraphers sometimes call ‘Black Letter’. If you like your fonts dark, angular and complex, this is your dream collection.

The collection has recently been updated to a third new edition, with more new fonts, bringing the total to 20 gothic lettering fonts and four gothic initials fonts. Recently added fonts include Serenissima, Gelderland, Montressor, Alcuin, Monumental, Goldwork, Waldeck, Yngling and Roncesvalles. The selection is all gothic, but quite varied. Fonts like Theodoric and Cadeaulx are an excellent combination of style and readability, while others like Ghost Gothic, Rheingold and Tyrfing offer more decorative ornamentation.

The complete Gothic collection is $99, but for a limited time if you use the coupon code NOSTROMO on checkout you can get $15 off the price for a total of just $84. It comes with both TrueType and Postscript fonts for either the MacOS or Windows. You can order it online. Just CLICK HERE to order it online and get it delivered by email or on CD.  Or if you have an earlier release, please contact us about a discounted update of the package.


3 Responses to “Gothic Fonts Collection”

  1. sanchez carriel on October 18th, 2009

    im looking for roncesvalles medieval font i would really be intereste in that so if i can get info about it i would be truly thankful

  2. Suzi Kelly on April 13th, 2011

    Gregg Check out These fonts for the flyer

  3. Lollipop on May 10th, 2012

    yeah Gregg, check out these fonts man!

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