Goodfellow Font in Django Unchained

I notice from our keyword tracking that we are getting a lot of hits from people looking for fonts from the movie Django Unchained. Not surprising give the striking retro-graphics which are common in Tarantino films. I suspect that most of them are looking for the font used in the titles or on the poster and I’m afraid that right now we can’t satisfy that need. However, one of our fonts does appear in the film if you keep an eye out for it.

When the Django and Dr. Schultz travel down to Mississippi to find Django’s wife, they meet with plantation owner Charles Candie at a private club called the “Cleopatra Club”. If you keep an eye peeled as they arrive at the club, you’ll see our Goodfellow font featured as the font for the name of the club in the brass plaque by the door as they enter. It’s not a prominent appearance, but at least we have a presence in the film.

All of this interest raises the question of whether we should produce a font like the one used in the movie titles and poster. It’s a pretty simple and straightforward design which I could probably reproduce from memory having seen it in the film – or at least do a very close approximation – the weight and shape of the characters is reasonably similar to our Madding font, which would make a good starting point. Or I could sneak into the end of the film and take some illicit photos of the screen and get a more perfect resource than my memory.

It’s a dilemma, so here’s a poll

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