Gloriana on H2Ocean Packaging

IMG_6145My teenaged daughter got a piercing for her birthday and she absolutely insisted that she must have something called H2Ocean to keep the piercing clean while it heals. We trekked off to the local mall to buy some of this magic elixir at Hot Topic (at what I later learned was 70% over retail), because only it has the necessary gentle, atomized spray required by her tender, punctured ear.

It was all pretty annoying, but my day was made brighter on discovering the use of my Gloriana font in their packaging. If you look down towards the bottom of the spray bottled in the picture to the right you’ll see a line that reads “Piercing Aftercare Spray” printed in Gloriana. The stern merman is kind of cool too.

Gloriana was originally released in 1999 based on samples of hand lettering in an illustrated childrens book from the early 1900s. It was one of several conceptually similar fonts we did during that period, including Gaiseric, Rosalinde, Scurlock and Folkard. For some reason Folkard was the big hit of the various fantasy themed fonts we did as part of that project and although Gloriana was the one which was most similar to Folkard and also one of the most interesting of those designs, it just didn’t take off in the same way. Now it’s time to give it another chance. We think its combination of hand-drawn personality, lots of alternate characters and decorative elements makes it special and deserving of more attention.

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