Glastonbury Font Featured in St. Alban’s Alumni Magazine

It may not reach our ideal target audience, but there’s something very flattering about having my work covered in a feature article in my high-school’s alumni magazine. A while you may have seen an article about the development of the Glastonbury font back in the fall of 2009. It was a collaborative project which I undertook for my alma mater, St. Albans School, to provide them with a font to use to do the inscriptions of student names on the walls of the school refectory.

Well, down the road a bit, the St. Albans Bulletin decided to publish a feature on the project. Molly Meinhardt interviewed me by email and also talked to others involved in the project like local wall artist Raea Jean Leinster and the result is a pretty comprehensive look at how the project was done, what went into producing the font and the end results. It’s surprisingly in-depth for something written to appeal to a diverse audience. I’m not sure that many St. Albans graduates are in the design or publishing industries, but I think that they’ll still find the article an entertaining read.

It’s a pretty good bet that few people who visit this site read the St. Albans Bulletin or are StA graduates, so I’ve uploaded the article as a PDF for those who want to read an interesting piece on how a font was created to meet a specific need. Click on the image at the top right to download the PDF of the article.

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