Gehenna Font in Terran Games “Life Spinner”

Our fonts show up in some interesting places and unusual media. One of the coolest examples of this is the use of the Gehenna font in Terran Games’ pewter “Life Spinner.”

The Life Spinner is a tool for card and roleplaying gamers to keep track of the life points or energy or other values in a game. It’s a high quality numbered disk, cast in pewter and of a size and style compatible for use as a base for a miniature figure. It can be painted or used as is. It’s a neat little tool for a very specialized market.

We learned of this interesting product when the manufacturer contacted us because he had used our Gehenna font for the numbers on the original production run of the Life Spinner. As he was preparing to restock he contacted us because of a concern that some of the numbers were hard to read when cast in pewter (look at the 8 to the right). He commissioned us to make some modifications to the font specifically for his use, opening up some of the characters and making them easier to read in that format.

We actually do a lot of custom font design and modification so we took care of it in a couple of days.  It’s not even the first font we’ve done for metal working.  We’ve previously done custom fonts for engraving on jewelry and stamping into aluminum for numbering airplane parts.  The end result looks pretty good in print, though we have yet to see the new castings.

Gamers can now look forward to a more readable version of the Life Spinner from  Terran Games’ and if you like the font, both Gehenna and the more radical looking  Gehenna Extreme are available from our online store.

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