Gates of the West – A New Font





Gates of the West is based on samples of advertising lettering from the 1920s.  It is an Art Deco style with some interesting variations, hand drawn with an old-fashioned speedball and digitally rendered to have the character of hand drawn lettering but the regularity of mechanical type.

It takes it’s name from the Clash song Gates of the West which is about the dilemmas of immigrants in the west, problems which were present in the 1920s and persist to this day.

Gates of the West includes a full upper and lower case character set plus numbers and punctuation and international characters.  It is extensively kerned and carefully spaced and includes custom bold and italic versions.  The characters are exceptionally narrow so it has a lot of potential applications.

There is no demo version of Gates of the West. But you can ORDER the full version online for only $36.

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