Furbelow Font

What on earth is a ‘furbelow’? You may have heard the word in the phrase “ribbons and furbelows” and known from inference that it was something having to do with womens clothing. It’s actually decorative ribbon or ruffling applied to a piece of clothing, or in more general usage it’s defined as “something showy or superfluous; a bit of showy ornamentation”. In short, the perfect name for a font which looks like twisted ribbon and is extremely showy. Ribbon style fonts were quite popular at the start of the last century, and Furbelow is based on samples from that period. It fits in rather well stylistically with both our Art Nouveau collection and our Psychedelic fonts, which come from a tradition which draws on ornate Art Nouveau lettering. Furbelow is best suited to doing ornate titles. It also includes both a solid lower case character set and an outline-style upper case set. If you want lower case characters to go with it, try combining it with our Pullman font, or wait a bit and we’ll have a full lower case character set to go with it. You can try out the free demo version of Furbelow for either MacOS or Windows, and the full version of Furbelow is available on our Ordering Site

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