Fun With Typeshow

One of the amusing things about Typeshow, our new font preview tool, is that it logs what people type in as their sample text. This provides an interesting insight into how it is being used and the personalities of the users.

The number one thing people seem to want a sample of is their name – in every possible typeface. Is this a sign of ego gone mad or can they just not think of anything else to say? Sometimes what they enter can be helpful. The large number of samples of the names of churches suggests that we should prioritize putting gothic and black letter fonts into the Typeshow database.

But by far the most informative thing in the log was the person who typed in “this type finder sucks” and sampled it in 30 different typefaces. Apparently it never dawned on him that Typeshow is NOT a typefinder. It’s a type sampling tool. If you want to find a font, use the thematic links found our menus. You go to Typeshow once you’ve narrowed down your font selection and want to see specific samples, though it can be fun to just browse through fonts in Typeshow. I would have thought that was obvious, but apparently not.

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