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The designers at Disney know good fonts when they see them, and they’ve regularly used fonts from our Colonial Fonts package in various projects related to Pirates of the Carribean. Their latest appearance is in the new online game based on the movie series. It is a graphically rich massively multi-player online roleplaying game. You can download the basic application from their website in a free trial version with limited functionailty. Then, if you like the game you can subscribe and get unlimited access. The game is periodically expanded with new settings and scenarios, like the new Avarica vs. Le Porc module currently advertised on the main page sampled to the right.

Scriptorium fonts are featured in the lavish design of the web page, in the display graphics throughout the site, and in the interface of the game application itself. The two main fonts used are Buccaneer and Carmilla. Buccaneer is used for the main titles and for the headers in the sidebar. Carmilla is used for subtitles and decorative titles in the game and for the section titles in the Player’s Guide (shown to the right). The two fonts go together surprisingly well, though chronologically Carmilla is characteristic of a somewhat later historical period than Buccaneer. The only notable font used on the site which is not from our Colonial collection is the main logo font for the Pirates of the Carribean franchise, though it does have some similarity to our Capitain Kidd font. Other PotC products have also used our Windlass font, which was the primary title font for the product line before they came up with the new custom-designed logo for the movies.

The game is complex and varied with room for lots of player initiative, but it is very bandwidth intensive so if you want to play make sure you have a good high speed connection.

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