Fonts for Frankenstein

So you’re all broken up about the recent death of classic horror comic artist Bernie Wrightson and you want to make a tribute web page to his memory. Of course, since Wrightson is best known for his Frankenstein! Alive! series (and Swamp Thing, of course) you want it to have a Frankenstein theme. Or maybe you like the classic James Whale movie version of Frankenstein or the Hammer Films series of movies – they need pages too (gratuitious psychedelic Hammer Films poster included to the right).

Well, for any of that you need fonts which evoke the spirit of the monster, and we have just the thing. A great assortment of monstrous fonts developed over the years and inspired by classic comics and movie posters, including the brand new Evil of Frankenstein font inspired by the titles for the French release of the Hammer Film of the same name. The Veronique font is also based on tittle lettering from the Hammer Frankenstein films. Corpus is based on lettering from classic horror comics. Monstrous is based on classic science fiction movie lettering. Rude Beast and Antrobus are original designs with a very appropriate look for the genre.

And to honor the work of the visionaries, like Wrightson and Whale and Hammer’s Jimmy Sangster, we’re offering a special discount on any of these six fonts or on multiple fonts of 40% off with the coupon code FRANKIE40 on checkout.

Click on any of the images below to order and remember to use the discount code when you check out.

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