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More and more literature – newspapers to magazines to novels and even comic books – is being consumed primarily in digital format.  People are using iPads and Kindles and even smartphones to read what they used to read on paper.  There have even been studies that suggest that people are actually reading more than they used to because of the convenience of these digital books.  While eBooks have some shortcomings and may lack the romance of the old style printed book, they make up for it in portability and in lowering the price of books.

If you are designing an eBook one of the most important considerations is that it be readable.  But that doesn’t mean you are limited to a small selection of fonts or that you can’t have readability with style. You don’t have to go to a big company to use the same fonts everyone else uses for their books.  We have a set of fonts designed specifically for digital applications that have been fine tuned for digital devices but still retain a lot of unusual character. Just three perfect fonts designed for the purpose.

Sirona is the best example of the unique style of our eBook fonts. It is based on Lombardic calligraphy, but with modifications which make it extraordinarily readable on screen even at small sizes. Sirona is an excellent replacement for Times or New York or any other serif font set but there’s really nothing else that looks like it.As an alternative for those who value ease of reading over style and artistry, we offer Divona which has many of the characteristics of the most readable sans serif fonts, with the addition of moderate serifs which help the eye travel more easily when reading large areas of text. This makes it one of the most readable fonts you’ll ever encounter. Use it instead of fonts like Times, New York, Arial or Helvetica.Onuava is a monospaced option best for technical uses.  It is a hybrid font or demi-serif font, but has some serifs added in appropriate places on certain characters to address some of the spacing problems common in sans serif fonts and increase readability. We think the result is pretty remarkable.

You can get the complete three font set with a license which covers all three fonts for inclusion in eBooks on our store for a discounted price at: EFONTS.

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