Font Sightings: Wandmaker’s Guidebook

In the past the designers over at Candlewick Press have used our fonts here and there in some of their books ‘ologie’ series books like Wizardology which features our Alleghieri font prominently on the cover. Apparently when the folks at Scholastic decided to clone the look and feel of those books for their new Wandmaker’s Guidebook, they made using our fonts a key part of getting the right look, featuring five different fonts in various strategic locations.

The Wandmaker’s Guidebook is a guide to natural magic using various elements and a wooden wand to make magic – all in a spirit good fun and with a wealth of actual information about various aspects of natural science and history mixed in. The pages are lavisly designed with notes and reference cards and maps and decorative elements, plus the package includes props – a wooden wand, elemental powders and crystals and a selection of feathers. It’s both fun and fairly educational.

The primary font featured in the Wandmaker’s Guide is Windlass which is used for the title on the cover and for all of the interior titles throughout the book. It’s everywhere. But it’s not alone. Zothique , Spoonbill Rosalinde and Semiramis also show up as titles for special featured items. The mix of hand-writing style calligraphic fonts and arts and crafts fonts is fairly effective, but I was surprised to see that they didn’t use some of our more interesting hand script fonts like fiorenza or Scrawlies.

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