Font Revision: Pontifica New

Pontifica New is an entirely new version of Michael Scarpitti’s Pontifica font which we originally released back in 1999. Despite its popularity, Michael wasn’t satisfied with his original design and wanted to redo the font to be a more accurate representation of the samples of early gothic lettering on which it was based. He redid all of the outlines from the source manuscripts from the Papal Archive and the spacing and kerning was also adjusted to reflect the appearance of the lettering on the manuscript page.

Pontifics is an example of protogothic calligraphy, a style developed at the monestery of St. Gall in the 12th century to replace Carolingian minuscule with a more efficient and compact system of lettering. Ultimately it became the progenitor of the gothic lettering styles of the late Medieval period. In addition to the standard character set, we also offer thePalmyra and Pontifica Swash font which is a companion font in a goithic script style. The fonts are available individually or as a set, and those who have the easlier release of Pontifica can get this new edition at a special discount.

You can try the demo version for free, or order the full version online or get it with Pontifica Swash in a special set.

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