Font Club Exclusive – Art Deco Borders Font

Once a year members of the Font Club get a bonus font which is an exclusive release only available to Font Club members with their membership. Past Font Club exclusives include Peck Initials, Galloys and Peck Shields.

As the Font Club enters a new year, we’re releasing a brand new exclusive font for members. Those who have ongoing subscriptions will be getting to download the new Art Deco Borders font along with their newest regular font club font. New members will get it along with their first new font download when their membership starts. And of course, new members also get a new font roughly twice a month for a total of 26 new fonts as they are released. Even if our new releases fall a bit behind, you’re still guaranteed a full 26 fonts plus the bonus font.

Memberships end up costing less than $3 per font, plus if you sign up for two years you’ll get another bonus font halfway through your membership and the cost per font ends up being less than $2. It’s a very hard deal to beat. Memberships are only $79 for one year and $129 for two. To sign up, just go to: JOIN or try a TWO YEAR MEMBERSHIP.

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