Better Font Choices for the Holidays

You’re not going to use Helvetica or Times Roman for your holiday cards are you? What could be more generic or empty? The holidays need style, panache and a personal touch. You need fonts for cards and family newsletters which weren’t picked by a committee at Microsoft. So here are some fun and stylish suggestions.

First off, any holiday card envelope or even a return address label can really be enhanced with the addition of an appropriate emblem or border. For that we recommend a font like our Rackham Holiday Ornaments, featuring silhouette images from Dickens’ Christmas Carol.

Holiday designs can also be enhanced by including seasonal decorative borders, like those you can create with our Holiday Borders font, where characters can be combined to make repeating borders in a number of styles. They’re easy to use and perfect for adding a touch of holiday cheer to any design.

You also need attractive seasonal fonts for the text and headers for things like holiday cards or family newsletters. One of our favorite classics is Scurlock, which has a unique fairytale look which also fits the holiday theme well.

Another good font for seasonal titles and headers is Summerisle which wasn’t originally conceived as a holiday font, but has a look which really fits the season, and some may find the association with the film The Wicker Man amusing and ironic.

Another good choice is the Swithin font, which was specifically designed for a holiday card project and has a cheery, festive look.

And don’t forget our very first classic holiday font, St. Nicholas, based on the titles from the vintage childrens magazine of the same name.

Some of our most recent releases are also well-suited for holiday use. Check out Crane Gothic and Waldeck for a couple of interesting new alternatives.  Another great newer font with a holiday theme is our recent Holly Initials font.

You can find these and other seasonal fonts, images and borders on our Holiday Page.

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