Folkard Font on Dublin Black Cherry Soda

I was shopping in my local HEB grocery store this weekend and found myself in the soft drink section, confronted by a wall of cool retro-looking bottles of all sorts of sodas from the Dublin Bottling Works, a company based in Dublin Texas which produces a full line of specialty soft drinks, apparently mostly for distribution through HEB.

They’ve got all the usual flavors like Ginger Ale, Cola and Root Beer and some more unusual flavors, including Black Cherry. The labels are printed on transparent plastic slip-ons which are surprisingly effective at emulating the old-fashioned look of being directly screen printed on the bottles.

The labels are great examples of retro design, and though I may be a bit biased, the coolest by far is the Black Cherry soda label which uses our Folkard font to great effect. It looks great in the stylized design, and it’s nice to see it in a different kind of context from the computer games where it has become somewhat overexposed.

If you like Folkard you can order it online from our ONLINE STORE.

Oh, and the soda is actually pretty good, plus it’s all made with pure cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup, so it’s just a little bit healthier to drink.

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