Folkard Font Manifested on Ghost Whisperer

I was scanning through the television channels tonight and stumbled on a show on CBS called Ghost Whisperer. It seemed to have something to do with Willard (sans Ben and sans Michael Jackson theme music) trying to steal a magical book away from the perky teen girl from Party of Five and the second least funny comedian to ever have be featured on The Comedy Channel now that Demetri Martin has a show.

Anyway, inbetween the starlet’s bosom heaving and Willard’s desperate attempts to conjure the ghost of Ben out of the shadows in a dark alley using the force of excessive thespianism, they featured a good shot of the mystical book in question and lo and behold, on the title page it features a lovely example of our Folkard font limning the title The Book of Changes which I thought was a Chinese fortune telling system, but turns out to be a book whose pages magically write and unwrite themselves at inconvenient times, causing Willard to explode, which is still better than being smeared with peanut butter and covered with rats.

The show is basically whipped brain squeezings, but it was nice to see Folkard on TV in an appropriate context.

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