Folkard Appearing in The Woman in Black

My daughters persuaded me to join them for a trip to see Daniel Radcliffe in the new version of The Woman in Black and although I certainly enjoyed seeing a new film which was very much in the Hammer Films tradition, a pleasant bonus surprise was discovering that our Folkard font makes an uncredited appearance in the film.

The movie is a classic ghost story set in the early 20th century, with a complex plot and a substantial supernatural element, stylishly directed and well acted. One nice directorial touch is the use of a bit of foreshadowing, and one example of that comes in about the third scene in the film when Daniel Radcliffe is riding on a train to the coastal village where the main events of the story take place. He’s reading a newspaper and an advertisement for a spiritualist catches his eye, reading something like “Contact the Departed” (hard to get the exact wording and they don’t let me rewind movies in the theatre).

Of course, the font in the advertisement is Folkard, which presents an interesting anachronism, because the font did not exist at the time the movie is set and the original lettering it is based on would not even be executed by Charles Folkard until several years after the movie takes place. Perhaps the font was revealed to the advertiser by spirits who had seen the future.

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