Floral Fantasy in an Old English Garden by Walter Crane

FFEG3The process of digitizing illustrated works by Walter Crane continues. The latest entry in the collection is Floral Fantasy in an Old English Garden a work somewhat reminiscent of A Flower Wedding featuring a combination of poetry and fanciful illustrations of anthropomorphized flowers which are quite lovely.

FFEG12The lettering of the verses is in a style very similar to our Walter Crane font. The illustrations are subtly colored and the flowers are cleverly incorporated in the art.  We’ve collected all of the illustrations in high resolution format with the colors adjusted and defects edited out. The package includes all the illustrations individually, as well as a handy PDF format recreation of the original book for easy reference.

You can see samples of selected illustrations below – click on any image to enlarge it.   The package with all of the illustrations can be ordered online for just $29. It includes all the lettered and illustrated pages as high resolution graphics suitable for design projects and licensed for your use, plus a full PDF copy of the book itself.   You can find it in our ONLINE STORE

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