Figurative Initials Font – New Release


Figurative Initials are letters which take the form of a person or thing which has meaning beyond just the letter. They have been very popular over the years for teaching the alphabet to children or as decorative initials. In the early 20th century British calligrapher Vere Foster designed a set of Figurative Initials for one of his calligraphy workbooks. We have taken those initials and turned them into a font.

A is for Artillery
B is for cowBoy
C is for Carp
D is for Door
E if for Emperor
F is for Fairy
G is for Ghost
H is for Hello
I is for Eye
J is for Jew
K is for Keys
L is for Lawyer
M is for Musicians
N is for Negro
O is for ?
P is for Punchinello
Q is for ?
R is for Reaper
S is for Snake
U is for Umbrella
V is for Vanity
W is for Warrior
X is for aXeman
Y for Yankee
Z is for Zoology

The characters are detailed and unique, not really like any other Figurative Initials set.  Each one represents a depiction of something appropriate to the character, but there are some weird variations.  Some of them are sort of abstractions of the idea of the character and a few, like B and X, are strange selections for the letter they are attached to.  Some of them like J or N aren’t exactly politically correct for the 21st century. And I just can’t figure out what O and Q are supposed to represent.  In anycase, there is a full list of the meanings of the characters to the left.

You can try the DEMO version of Figurative Initials for free. It has a very limited character set – just 6 characters. You will be much happier if you ORDER the full version for only $24.



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