Featured Font: Vafthrudnir

With the upcoming release of Marvel’s Thor movie, things viking are all trendy right now. The movie features a rather uninspiring font choice for its title design, so I looked through our Viking Fonts and Art collection for what I thought would be the best choice for titles on a movie about the hammer-wielding thunder god, and the obvious choice seemed to be Vafthrudnir. 

Vafthrudnir has a rough, bold, quasi-runic look, with strongly vertical character forms which make it excellent for a lot of uses. In fact, we used it for the menu bar links in our online store and people keep noticing it there and asking about it. It features two different versions of the uppercase character, with a standard variation and a more runic-looking alternative.  It’s a strong font, plus it has a cool name.  How can you go wrong?

You can try the DEMO version of Vafthrudnir for free, but it includes only one version of each character. Or you can ORDER the full version online and download it right away.



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