Featured Font: Schoolhand

Schoolhand was originally commissioned by the Education Department at a major Christian university, which will remain nameless. It was developed to their specifications in order to teach cursive handwriting to children, sharing some characteristics with the popular D’Nealian style, but a bit more decorative and elaborate. It’s an interesting and useful font, with characters specially designed with interlocking elements as a guide for proper lettering. Sadly, perhaps lacking a good Christian sense of responsibility, the university neglected to pay the balance of their bill for the custom design of the font, and so on their breach of contract rights to the font reverted to us. We released it quietly some years ago, in the theory that there are plenty of people who would like to teach their children cursive handwriting, but have never really promoted it, so this is its public debut.

You can try the  DEMO version of Schoolhand for free, or  ORDER the full version online.

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