Featured Font: Rudolfo

Rudolfo brings some of the quirkiest character of the Renaissance to visual live and now it does it in an even more dramatic way with a new version that includes three complete separate variants of the font for maximum variety and impact.

Rudolfo was originally designed based on samples of late Renaissance era lettering done by legendary designer and calligrapher Rudolph Koch. Because the characters have an Italian humanist flavor to them the name of the font takes the Italian form of Koch’s first name.

What makes this new release of the Rudolfo set particularly appealing is that it now includes three different sets of characters. There is the standard Rudolfo font which is clean and unadorned. There is also a Rudolfo Swash font which has decorative swashes on select upper and lowercase letters. And finally there is the Rudolfo Fantasie font which has elaborate variant versions of all of the uppercase characters with a sort of gothic fantasy slant.

You can try the DEMO version of Rudolfo for free. The demo has a combined character set from the three fonts. Or you can ORDER the full combined three font set for only $39, and download it right away.



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