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Roghwork is a unique font which combines a decoarative upper case character set with a simple set of lowercase characters. Designed primarily for use in titles and posters, the uppercase characters are based on samples of hand-drawn master designs for a set of roman-style capitals, with the guide and measurement lines included, showing how the curves and lines of the font are created. It’s an eye-catching design with the look of a work in progress.  It’s great for projects where you want to emphasize the technical aspects of fonts as art.  It’s also reminiscent of the famous da Vinci diagram of the posture of the human body.

The source letterforms are derived from our True Golden font which is based on a design by Arts and Crafts master William Morris.  The full version of the font includes special alternate upper case characters and an expanded European language character set.

The demo version of Roughwork with a limited character set can be downloaded for free. If you like it, you can download the full version  from our ONLINE STORE for just $24.

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