Featured Font: Potsdam



Potsdam was one of our earliest font releases, first produced in 1992 based on samples of 19th century decorative German type.  It was one of our first fonts designed for MacIntosh computer users and follows the naming convention for Mac fonts of that era, being named after a city.  The characters are decorative and embellished with ornate spirals.

In the original release there were problems with the outlines being rough and somewhat jagged, a problem which had never really been addressed until this new and substantially improved version.  All the outlines on all the characters have now been smoothed and regularized and the result is a much crisper and attractive rendering of the font.  We’ve also added additional international language characters to make Potsdam more versatile.

You can try the DEMO version of Potsdam for free. The demo has a limited character set. Or you can ORDER the full version for only $24 and download it right away.

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