Featured Font: Orphiel



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Script fonts can be a real challenge to design, especially when they are designed to have interconnecting characters which require exacting kerning and character positioning.  When we first developed Orphiel we did a lot of kerning work on it, but despite a generally pleasing appearance, there were some inconsistencies in the kerning which were never really satisfactory.  This kind of demanded a new release of the ornate and decorative script font with extra attention to the connections between the characters and adding even more kerning pairs.

The result is a new release of Orphiel which works even better than the original with some essential improvements which make it cleaner and better flowing.  It’s a great font for formal documents, invitations and decorative uses where you need a fancy script style.

The demo version of the font can be downloaded for free. If you like it, you can download the full version with both character sets from our ONLINE STORE for just $24.

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