Faerie Fonts and Art


faerieheadWay back in the 1990s we put together a guide page called “Fairy Lands Forlorn” which focused on all the fonts and art we had collected which fit a fairytale theme.  Like all things on the web in the 1990s it was not terribly well organized, and although it was popular, we never really did what we should have done with the concept, which is make it into a coherent package of fairy themed fonts and art.  Well, now we have!

The package includes 12 original fonts all drawn from fairytale illustrators lettering, including Arthur Rackham, Clara Peck and Jessie M. King. These include title lettering, decorative initials and fanciful marginalia.

The package includes a huge selection of art, including Paul Woodroffe’s illustrations for The Tempest, Charles Folkard’s illustations for Tales from the Brothers Grimm, Herbert Cole’s English Fairy Tales, Cicely Mary Barker’s Flower Fairies and Arthur Raclham’s Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. It also contains selected additional art on fairy themes from Rackham, Walter Crane, Fanny Railton and many others.

We’ve gathered all of this together in a single package with hundreds of illustrations and 12 of our most interesting fonts for just $59 and you can ORDER IT ONLINE for immediate download.

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