Eric Sloane on Weather

The magnificent skies we’ve had here in Austin for the last week remind me of the works of Eric Sloane, the legendary mid-century artist, author and calligrapher. One of the things he was most known for was his huge paintings of weather and skies, the most famous of which is “Earth Flight Environment” a huge mural in the Smithsonian’s Air And Space Museum (shown to right).

Sloane was fascinated with weather and wrote and illustrated all sorts of books about it, including his Almanac, his Weather Book, Look at the Sky and the Folklore of American Weather, aimed at popularizing the science of meteorology for a common audience.  Most of these books are out of print, but they are pretty easy to find on Amazon or in used bookstores.  They combine Sloane’s interesting observation style of writing with his characteristic art.  Unfortunately they are printed in black and white, so they don’t include examples of his great colorful sky illutrations, but you can find plenty of those online with a quick Google search.

For more information on Eric Sloane and his work, see our article The World of Eric Sloane.  For examples of his calligraphy we have several Sloane fonts, including Bridgeport, Queensland and Guilford.  Plus we plan to have the fonts available in a package soon.

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