Eric Sloane Fonts at Homestead Fair

This weekend I got to visit Homestead Fair and discovered that they have made impressive and appropriate use of our Eric Sloane Fonts.

Homestead Fair fair was started by a group of Jesus-loving hippies from New York City who decided to move to Texas in 1969 and create their own version of paradise on earth, which basically means living a back-to-nature lifestyle, rather like Mennonites, just outside of Waco.

Once you get past the straw hats and gingham dresses, what your have is a community which is preserving a lot of old ways of doing things, including many traditional arts and crafts. But they’re not totally stuck on antique technology and they need to finance their community, so they hold this big fair selling their crafts with computerized point of sale and marketing materials.

Someone in their graphic design department has good taste in fonts and purchased our Eric Sloane Fonts collection and used it liberally throughout the sales areas of their annual fair, so thousands of visitors got to read signage using fonts like Guilford, Almanac and Queensland.

If you’re shopping for quilts and other fabric arts you’ll see lots of signs in the Almanac font. In the smithy there is signage in Queensland.  In the metal craft section the signs are all in Guilford. The pottery section has displays in Bridgeport.  Other fonts are featured on their publications and other printed materials. If they had credited us (which they are certainly not required to do) it would have been great advertising.

The fair is now over, but it will be on again next November and it’s a great place to shop for some unique Christmas presents if you happen to be near enough to Waco to visit.

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