Eleanore Brickdale’s Carols for Christmas

Eleanore Fortescue Brickdale was a remarkable illustrator who was part of the generation of artists who came after the pre-Raphaelites and took many of their ideas and refined and commercialized them. Brickdale did a lot of illustration on religious themes and was particularly known for her cherubs, angels and images of children. Not surprisingly this meant that she worked on many holiday-related projects and one of the most impressive of those is her illustrated collection of classic Christmas carols.

Brickdale’s Carols is a brand new mini-package available just during the Christmas season. It is not yet in our complete Eleanor Brickdale package and is only available as a stand-alone item through the end of this year. It’s great source material for Christmas cards or decorations and includes large-size illustrations of traditional Christmas themes and also decorative scrolls and emblems which are easy to adapt to your designs.

Be warned that the art is beautiful, but also very traditional and very religious, so if you’re looking for something more generic or secular this probably isn’t the package for you. But if you need a quick fix of angels and cherubs and the baby Jesus, this is the package for you. It includes all of the illustrations and emblems from the book in high-resolution format, plus a large-size PDF ebook of the art. And best of all it’s just $15 for the whole thing and you can order and download it online from our store.

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