Edmund Dulac Collection

Edmund Dulac was one of the most prolific and most impressive illustrators of the early 20th century. His work covers a wide range of themes and styles, and is characterized by the strongly defined personality of the people he depicts and the elaborate backgrounds and shading of his scenes .

Dulac is best known for his illustrations of the Arabian Nights and various fairytales from Perrault, like Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella.

Our collection features many Dulac classics, but it also includes some of his most unusual work, like his eerie illustrations for Edgar Allen Poe’s The Bells and his beautiful plates from Shakespeare’s

Our Dulac package has recently been expanded and many new images have been added and older images in low resolution have been replaced by high-resolution, print quality images. As with all of our collections, the images are licensed to you for reprint or inclusion in other publications so long as you are not primarily reselling just the itself.

The complete Dulac package is only $59. The easiest way to get this package is to order it online and take delivery by immediate download. To order online, just CLICK HERE It’s also easy to order with our toll-free number at 1-512-656-8011.

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