Eastlake Design Sampler

doorknob When we were renovating our house I discovered ornamental brass fixtures for the doors designed by Charles Eastlake.  So I went shopping and found antique Eastlake hinges and knobs for all the doors.

bookcaseCharles Locke Eastlake (1836–1906) was the greatest British Arts and Crafts designer in the period after William Morris.  Like Morris he combined principles of art and decoration with architecture to produce furniture which was both ornamental and practical and designed for hand made production for a reasonable price. In fact, Eastlake furniture became so popular and so widely imitated that his concept of Gothic Revival was subsumed into a intercontinental design movement which just came to be known as Eastlake.

In 1868 Eastlake described his design ethos in a manual of interior decoration, Hints on Household Taste in Furniture, Upholstery and Other Details, which included illustrations of his furniture designs and samples of tile, carved ornament, marquetry and fabric designs. The Eastlake style caught on in America and manufacturers began turning out imitation Eastlake furniture using his book as a point of reference.

To give you a taste of Eastlake design, we’ve taken some samples from Eastlake’s book and gathered them together into a mini-package of design resources. The set includes samples of marquetry, tile design and wallpaper. They could be very useful in your to incorporate in your original designs.

You can purchase the complete mini-package for just $8 in our ONLINE STORE.

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