Eastlake at the Texas Capitol

cap7I recently had an opportunity to visit the Texas Capitol building. It was very busy because the legislature was in session, lobbyists were skulking in the halls and student tours were everywhere. Despite the distractions I had an opportunity to observe and photograph some very impressive antique door hardware.

The Capitol was built in the 1880s, designed by Elijah E. Myers who also built the Michigan and Colorado Capitols. When it was completed in 1888 it was the height of the popularity of Eastlake designs, and not surprisingly, Eastlake brass fixtures are used throughout the building.  Some are standard designs, but there are also custom door handles, hinges and push plates, made with a special lone star theme unique to the capitol.

I took photos of all the fixtures I could find and they are presented here for you to check out.   We also have a interesting collection of Eastlake design resources available.

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