E. J. Detmold Arabian Nights Illustrations

detmold7smE. J. Detmold was an early 20th century illustrator most known for his nature illustrations, particularly of insects, in books like Fabre’s Book of Insects and The Life of the Bee. He also illustrated some fairy tale books, the most notable of which is his illustrated edition of the Arabian Nights with selected stories from the original Fitzgerald text. Detmold’s illustrations are rich in color and detail and include scenes from many of the most popular stories, including several in the Sindbad sequence. You can see richness and detail of the illustrations in the example to the right and the preview below will let you view smaller size samples of the whole set. The illustations also feature impressive decorative borders which can be useful art resources independent of the illustrations (you can see some samples below and to the right).

bordersamplesWe’ve collected all of the color illustrations from Demold’s Arabian Nights into a special mini-package. In addition to 12 large size, high-resolution images it also includes cleaned up and ready to use versions of 10 color borders. The whole collection is available for just $10 and you can order it online from our site at: ONLINE STORE.

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