Dora Curtis Arthurian Art

With the release of our Arthurian Fonts and Art Collection finally looming at the end of this year, we’ve been putting out some mini-packages of Arthurian art by artists like Herbert Cole and Katherine Cameron. This mini-package of Arthurian art by Dora Curtis is another in that series, a collection of 7 color images, 6 beautiful color borders and 16 great black and white chapter headers, all with an Arthurian motif.

The illustrations come from Beatrice Clay’s book King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table one of the folk story adaptations from the Tales for Children of Many Lands series from J. M. Dent in the early 1900s. The color images are high quality, but the real gem in this collection is the set of 16 decorative chapter headings, which combine stylized depictions of arms and armor or little scenes with scrollwork titles which can easily be adapted to just about any purpose. They’re unique and worth the price of the package by themselves. You can see samples of all the art from the package scrolling at the bottom of this article.

The whole package is only $15. To order the package and download it immediately, just go to our ONLINE STORE.

If you purchase this Dora Curtis Arthurian mini-package your purchase will earn you a $10 gift coupon to reduce the price of the complete Arthurian Fonts and Art collection, either applied to the special pre-release offer or when
the package is officially released at Christmas-time.

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