Design Your Own Holiday Cards with Pedro Lemos

cards1Pedro Lemos was the editor of School Arts Magazine and a major figure in the California Arts and Crafts Crafts movement. He was also taught at Stanford University director of their Art Museum. He focused a lot of his effort on reviving hand crafting in various arts which had been taken over by mass production. His works on designing with concrete and craft metalworking are still in print today and used for reference. In his role with School Arts Magazine he produced guidebooks and topical portfolios on various sorts of design projects for students from the youngest grades to the college level.

cards20Since it is Christmas time it seemed appropriate for us to look at Lemos 1922 design portfolio on Gift Card Designing. In it Lemos starts from the premise that holiday cards have declined in quality since the end of World War I and he wants to lead students to producing a hand made alternative to cheap products being brought in from overseas. He provides instructions for designing cards from the ground off along with a loose sheet portfolio of sample graphics for different holidays, especially Christmas.

It’s a great source of ideas and design elements well explained and easy to use.  We’ve got the whole package available as high resolution images with a handy PDF guide, all for only $8 just in time for Christmas. Just CLICK HERE to order.

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